Another Work Day!

Went over to Relativity Tees today to work with Terri on labels for a couple new dips that will be ready to go within the next couple weeks. (I think you guys are gong to like them!!) She was instrumental in helping me start my business by creating every label on every product of both Dipsy Daisy and Tipsy Daisy. And also making every shirt too! Miss not seeing her as much since she moved her location to Emmetsburg but now Relativity Tees and Creative Stitches are in the same building so it is much easier for her to run her business.  If you haven’t been into the new location make sure to stop by and check it out at 2307 Main Street in Emmetsburg.  She was working on some very cool Saint Patrick’s shirts when I arrived there today.  Very excited for spring and getting another season going of vendor/craft shows and spring open houses at some of the businesses that carry my products.  And since I can’t keep a secret, here are the new dips!!

Smokin' Bacon Cheddar Ranch

Smoky and creamy with a little heat!

Lemon Poppy Seed Dip Mix_Dipsy Daisy

Coming Soon !! Delicious and creamy dessert dip; tastes like spring to me.

Roasted Garlic & Herbs-Dipsy Daisy

Coming soon!! I have been asked from nearly day one for a garlicky dip and finally it is here!

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