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4 thoughts on “Welcome

    • I apologize profusely for not getting this to you sooner!

      Cracker Snackers
      1 gallon Ziploc baggie
      1 c. canola oil
      1 pkg. Everything’s Better with Ranch Dip Mix*
      2 boxes mini saltine crackers

      Pour the oil into the gallon baggie and add the dry dip mix. Seal bag and mix oil and seasoning. Open bag and dump in both boxes of crackers. Seal bag and gently toss bag several times to coat all crackers. Do this about every 15 minutes for an hour. Keep crackers stored in baggie. *You can also do a half-batch by measuring out 1 tablespoon of the dip mix and mixing that into ½ c. of canola oil and using only 1 box of mini saltines.

      • I have also used Smokin’ Bacon Cheddar Ranch, Roasted Garlic & Herbs, Buffalo Hot Wing, Southwestern Chipotle, Taco, and Rosie’s Ranch Popcorn Seasoning to make crackers and they were all delicious!

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